Thin and Skimpy Hair

Can anyone out there relate to the struggles of having fine, thin, uncooperative hair? So many women out there are experiencing hair loss these days, now more than ever before. I can relate to the embarrassment and self consciousness that this issue can create. Just know that you are not alone. People experience hair loss for a lot of different reasons. Some are due to medical related issues, some are hormonal, and some are hereditary. Trying to find the cause of the reason your hair may be thinning can be very frustrating! Especially if you are unable to get to the bottom of it. Maybe you figured it out and tried the recommended solutions that do not work. This can be an even worse feeling. This brings me to the point of what I would like all of you to know and understand.


I know when you’re going through a lot of stress or are feeling down about hair loss that makes you feel insecure. I am not sure if most people know how far Wigs and hair pieces have come along? I just want to express that they have come so far a long that they can look flawless and undetectable. There is something for everyone! You don’t have to feel embarrassed, you can find something that feels incredibly natural and looks as if it’s growing out of your own head. There are many pieces that have a monofilament top or a natural lace front hairline. You can part these wigs in any direction or even wear them off of your face. You can get them in synthetic or human hair. Both options have amazing benefits. Synthetic wigs and pieces have beautiful color options and require no styling! That’s wonderful for the person that wants to be ready and out the door in 5 minutes. Or you can invest in human hair, it will last you a very long time and your styling options will be endless.


I know it’s scary to think you're going to go and buy something that you wear on your head that is not yours. However, just remember it can look incredibly natural and make you feel like a brand new person or make you feel just like yourself again. Give it a shot, it will change your life. Good luck to all of you, I hope that you find a great piece that makes you feel beautiful.


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Heather Norton